Thursday, December 2, 2010

OMG.....guess what I did today?

 I was visiting one of my all time most favorite Blogs, Creative Breathing.  You can visit her yourself here if you would like    Anyway, I sooo much fell in love with her blog over the last 9 months that I just knew my opportunity had come today when lo' and behold she had an invitation open to all to participate in a year long tag swap.    Oh I am still so giddy with excitment.  Not only that.  But Elizabeth herself came over here and posted a comment to my Blog.  Can you imagine that?!  I still dont believe it.    With my love of Papercrafts and Vintage how could I possibly go wrong?

Today is a workday and a long one at that.  On top of my 10 hours I will be staying an extra 4.5 hours to help out one of my co-workers.  So there is no picture posting or craft exposing posts to be done today.   I am on the police side of dispatching today.   During the Holidays we generally see a spike in Bank Robberies, Domestics and Suicidal Calls.  Up to this point it has been pretty  shhhhhhhhhh (quiet).

I did get some online Christmas Shopping done. Luxury Plush Slippers from  . I bought 7 pairs. Only one pair are for me....I'll decide which color will adorn my paws when they arrive at my home. This purchase was the recommendation of Nicole over at

 2nd day of Weight Watchers Points  on a scale of 1-10 I'm doing about a 6 today.  It's the little Hershey Kisses that are killing it...................

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