Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Oye Oye Oye! A Giveaway!

I just happened upon some fun and interesting blogs and discovered a new magazine.  It's called, "Creating a Vintage Charm".  How fun.  If you click on the picture below it will take you to the Giveaway for some fun whimsical charming items.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Oh my! It has been a few weeks

To all of my loyal "Margie Swanson" Happy Homemaker fans.  Please be patient,  I promise I will be getting it posted real soon.      Thursday night I have a date with my desk to complete the "Margie" tupperware party project. Check back and laugh along.

** The currator of Happy Homemaker Tag Along Swap is no longer able to continue. There are ladies that would like to continue posting their monthly tags.  I am still undecided if I will continue posting on that Blog. I will however continue with Margie Swanson and a year in her Vintage life on my Blog.

Over the weekend I did a Stamp A Stack with a group of "Virgin" stampers (I didn't even realize that they exsisted, but they do!).  It was probably the smoothest beginner group I had ever had.  There was just a small minute adhesive abuser in the bunch (Brynna)  I did turn the other cheek but only because she is sooo darn cute.  They all did an awesome job.  We did 3 each of 7 designs.   Of course my assistant, MISS Maddy Jo,  aka my personal photographer,  did not get all the pictures I would have liked but we will have to make due with what I have.  So here are a couple of the card designs...................

Here they are hard at work.......




My apologies to Samantha.  I did not have a picture of you.  Next time!

Again I must say that these gals were AWESOME!  I'll up the game for the Fall!