Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ahhhhhhh....The end of a Year draws near.

Reflecting on the past year is a bittersweet emotion.  Ready to rid myself of sadness pertaining to death and the many funerals I've attended, not to mention the emotions of everyday struggles in the area of home life.  Grateful for what I have but always wishing for more.  Strife with family members with no one ready to give up their own stubborn ways.  Rekindled friendships with long lost people, ready to let go of the one sided relationships.  A Union contract settled, and a President Position lost.  No more working Nights (9 years) but ready for normalcy in sleeping habits.  Giving sound advice, wallowing in resentment.  

Fresh Starts.............I LOVE THEM.

My 2011 goals are for a Joy filled heart and Peaceful thoughts. 

I never got around to posting my picture of Ed and I in front of the cardboard fireplace.  How I wish I did!  It's cute.

I got some wonderful gifts for the Holidays....

Julie the BFF got me DROID !!! Ackkkkk awesome I know!, Massage with the works, Digital picture holder for my keychain, Chanel Chance Perfume, a Chihuahua Cell Phone Fob. 

Aunt JoAnn got me a Gorgeous Vintage Angel Tree Topper still in the Paramount Box and a gift card to my fav ..........  Barnes and Noble

                                                         ISN'T SHE TO DIE FOR?

Aunt Carla got me a few things but I really really like the felt Snowman table runner she made. The Snowman has tiny little jingle bells for buttons.    ( Aunt Carla has always been the crafty one.  We have this in common).

I cried when "THE AUNTS" gave me my gifts.  While I had a few drinks under my belt, it was more because they both know my hearts desires and some of the things I most enjoy in life.

Sister in Law got me a $50 gift card too helllllllloooooooo  Barnes and Noble.  I'm thinking I might save the both of them  for my Birthday and buy me a Nook Color.


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