Thursday, September 6, 2012

Good Morning To You....

As you can tell, I did not post anymore from my State Fair Dispatching.   Part 2 was not meant to be.  Kind of fell apart once I got out there and started working.  I guess it just didn't materialize.

After my last state fair shift Labor Day Monday which was actually 0300 on Tuesday morning.  I was kind of relieved that I had a whole 2 days to myself to do absolutely nothing.  And that my friends is exactly what I did.  I did make dinner for my family both nights.  Put clean sheets on the bed.  And watched 3 previously recorded TV shows that I had neglected.  Yesterday I left the house for one hour.  Post office, Gas Station and a couple of groceries. Went to bed at 8pm last night!


Mitchell came home from football practice and told us the coach has him playing in the Varsity Game on Friday night.   I can just feel my mom's presence surrounding us right now.  This will be his first Varsity Game.  I'm so excited for him.  Defensive End.  I will give details Saturday morning.

Madison is going to an overnight event with her Peer Leader Group to the Autoban Center on September 14.  She starts her studio dancing next Monday.

I have just this very minute gotten a Mandate to work tonight until 9pm due to a sick call.   Pros and Cons.  I should not be mandated tomorrow.   I don't want to miss Mitchell's debut Varsity Football game.

One of the pros this afternoon is my partner will be Kim.   Love this girl.   She makes me laugh.   Her and I are planning a road trip for later in October.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Easy like Sunday Morning.....


If I can get through the next 10 hours, I will have worked 70 hours in 5 days at my regular job at the ECC.  It's been a long rotation!   My day wont end at 4 pm though.  I need to head on over to the "Great Minnesota Get Together"  at the Minnesota State Fair and do some Dispatching until 0300 tomorrow morning.  I KNOW!  CRAZY!   But the Fair is only here 12 days and it's fun and low key and an excellent way to earn some extra money.

Isn't this a cute Logo?

It only takes about 20 minutes to get over to the fair grounds on the other side of town from the ECC.  When I get there I have to go through a series of gates in my car.  All kinds of police and temporary state fair employees are directing the way.  I have a "special" red placard that says "Tiger Lot" (we don't park in the Tiger lot though) and I just kind of smile and wave and hold up my badge as I pass through the various check points.  I was given a small book of admittance tickets for each day of the fair and at the 2nd check point I must present one (otherwise pay $12).   Basically I'm driving 1/2 of the perimeter of the whole fair to get to the Dispatch House (Photo later).  We are like the only employees that get to drive right up to where we work.   NICE.

The police that work the fair are: State Fair Police and many police officers from around the state.  Like some dispatchers some of the police officers take vacation time off from their regular police department jobs to come and work the fair.  The police officers from other departments wear their uniforms from those particular agency so at any given time you could have 4 officers going to assist on a call that have 4 different uniforms on.  Since the State Fair is in St Paul/Falcon Heights the St Paul Police Dept and St Paul Fire Dept play a key role in Public Safety throughout the 12 days.  The majority of the calls are medicals and lost children.  It can get really really crazy with several calls going on at one time.