Tuesday, November 30, 2010

O Christmas Tree.................O Vintage Tree

Well lookie here.....I have posted just like I said I would.  This is my lovely "vintage" tree. 
Here's the Story...........
My Mother In Law decided she no longer wanted her Christmas tree (downsizing, I guess) and I couldn't bear the thought of just chucking it in the roll off dumpster.  For the last 20 years we have always gone to the tree farm had a little argument and cut down our own.  I convinced Rick that we should try this and see how it goes, plus the fact I've always got to figure out my Tree cutting event around his hunting schedule.  I set the actual tree up over a week ago and decorated it last Monday.  After 20 years of collecting vintage Christmas ornaments I officially have enough to decorate a 7 ft tree.  If you look closely you'll see that I've only put on 2/3rds of the branches.  It would have been way too much for our little living room.  I'll post another picture with the tree lit later this week.  Stay tuned for the rest..................................


  1. Valerie, First of all I can't tell you happy I am that you have begun to blog again! What a cute page! Your tree is absolutely beautiful - and BIG! I am thrilled you are going to join my Tag Along! If you have spent more than $20.00 at a scrapbook store, you are experienced! LOL! Your tags can be any theme you wish such as birthday parties, children, pets, brides, whatever makes you "Happy"! Your theme will be carried through each month (a challenge if you choose babies!) and you must use "What's on Hand" with the exception of one paper purchase. 3x6 tags with a hole punched on top, that's about it! I am so looking forward to seeing them! Elizabeth

  2. Oh Be Still My Heart.....The one and only Elizabeth made a comment on my lil 'ol blog...Hee hee total excitment

  3. Miss Valerie I am figuring this link thing out....I can't thank you enough for your support and I am so jealous that you got E to post on your blog! Your going to need those slippers by the end of your long day.