Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Still Almost Done.....

I post Pictures of my son.   He is a true athletic person.  Driven by success in the outcome of games (just like his father)  I'm proud of his abilities.  It is important to him.  Baseball is natural but football is passion!

I'm still just about there on the March Happy Homemakers Tag Swap.   The Vacation to Cozumel at the end of February into March has really thrown me off.  My apologies.  I currently have many emotions running simutaniously.......for no real particular reason.  I'm perplexed, bewildered and bothered!  LITERALLY!  On the plate this week is Madison's first Dance Competition of the Season,  Mitchell being sick (my kids are never sick)  Preps for an upcoming Stamp Camp, an Uncertain future with a newfound group of ladies, A huge cancelation with another group of wonderful gals.  Always being the "BAD" diva/friend giving unwanted advice at the most inappropriate  times.  I just dont know where to run to this week.  But I must say the most remarkable thing of all.   I feel CALM!  This is crazy for me.  Am I at a pivotal moment?   All of the unwanted drama is not my center.  (Maybe one, but I'm not willing to compromise my integrity over it).  On a bright side I did have lunch with friends on Tuesday.  Missed out on a Dinner/Movie with one of the Aunts due to yet another SNOW storm.  Spent time with both of the "brats" Wednesday because of School Closing.  Mitchell, he really does crack me up.  He was doing the happy dance when the automatic call from the district came @ 0641.  It was the first since we have been in this district (2.2 years).  When Maddy woke up we did "Competition Hair and Makeup".  Not without a fight, mind you. But we did it and discussed what we needed to work on for the next "practice round".  ATTENTION***  I spent 3 hours in the "ROOM".  But of course, like always,  I had to re-organize and "spruce up" before I could settle.  My lovely cutie pie friend Misty works for a company that distributes Lable Maker Machines...I have one on loan right now( I really need to buy one though)  Madison, being my direct descendant,  (likes this kind of stuff too!  but is totally a messy kind of girl) was sooo willing to make all the labels I should have  2 months ago.  So I get to technically say I have accomplished a "to do" list item.  No prep work done though.  Stamps picked out and some paper but that is it!  I think I really work better under pressure anway!  Plans are to attack tomorrow.  RIGHT!  I have 3 of 7 designs prepared.   I'm not worried though.  I will post all of the card designs in the next couple of days.  Thank you for your willingness to wait and I promise to make it worth your while.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Stay Tuned...................

I'm behind but the latest installment of Happy Homemaker Tags aka The Adventures of Margie Swanson is coming real soon