Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What a fun day with my Dear Daughter

Keeping with my crazy schedule and the need to get the Pointe shoes before Monday Jan 24.  I allowed Madison to stay home from school on Tuesday.  We leisurely got ready and traveled down to the "uber" cool and swanky part of St Paul known as Grand Av in the Highland Park area.  Our first stop was The Tea Garden to get Coolers with pearls (tapioca balls).  Madison had never heard of this before let alone taste it.  But in the end she was thinking I was really cool. Oh Yeah!

She must have tried on a good 12 pair before the very knowledgable owner selected the Bloch Balance in size 4 XXX.  She then got pads for the toes.  I opted for the sewing kit the waxed ballet pink thread and "special" needles inside a neat little container.  I guess before this outing, but having seen the  Black Swan, I thought the expensive Pointe shoes came with the PRETTY ribbon and elastic.  UMMMM Not so!  We will be given a lesson in this next Monday on how to prepare these costly little gems. 

One of the instructions is NOT to put these Pointe shoes on at home.   There is a very good and logical reason behind this rule.  To prevent injuries and not damage the shoes in case your Ballet instructor does not like the ones you so painstakingly chose.  Like clock work the first thing I said when we got home..............Madison Jo let me try them on.  Yep I did!  Unfortunately I have Fred Flintstone feet and they were too wide.  I almost felt like Cinderella's ugly step sister trying to cram my stout little foot into this beautiful slipper.  Wasn't gonna happen. 

We had a wonderful day together.  The Tea with Balls, Pointe Shoe fitting, Salad Bar.  It was another expensive day.  But the memories and laughs were certainly priceless!

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  1. What do your Aunties think of this new ballerina in the house? We think it is fantastic!! She is achieving one of our life time dreams, to be sure. Let's now pray that "All" concerned can keep at it... Like your Mom & Grandma tried for the Aunties.
    Best wishes, Great Aunt C.