Monday, January 10, 2011

As Promised...

It took me all day to get to this point, but alas I'm here and I'm ready, willing and able to share with you all of my details with the Happy Homemaker Tag Swap.  Dear Elizabeth put out the challenge details.  Ten pieces of 12x12 paper (our choice), We were to make all of our supply purchases only once.  Make 2 identical 6x3 Tags each month (my bad,  I made mine 6 x 3.75, I'll do better next month).  One to share, one to swap at the end of the year.  We could chose our own theme.  I racked my brain continually and had a hard time.  I did not want to be the one that said My theme is Happy Homemaker..........I wanted to be clever, unique and edgy.  I thought somemore.......Still nothing.  

I went away this past weekend with 9 other women on a Scrapping/Stamping retreat.   It was fun, relaxing and quite enjoyable.  On Friday night as we were all busy with our noses deep in our work I asked the group what they thought my theme should be.   After I gave them the details and showed them this piece of paper

My Theme is a
Year in the Life of the Swanson's

My wonderfully funny girlfriend Misty (in her most appropriate "Fargo" voice) helped narrate the story however this was truely a bunch of crazy girls with a story to tell.....Here goes

Meet the Swanson's.  We have Margie (Margaret) age 26 and Neal age 30 along with their children Suzie age 6 and Johnny age 3 with a Birthday coming up.  The Swanson's live at 2573 Meadow Lane in the town of Red Bud.  (We couldn't decide on a state).  The house is a Colonial Revival and was given to them by Margie's Grandfather as a wedding gift 7 years earlier.  Neal was a football star in College and after graduating landed a job as an accountant with Ford Motor Company.   He takes pride in his lawn and in his spare time enjoys woodworking.  He bowls with College buddies every Thursday night.  Margie enjoys all the frills of being a stay at home mom.  She loves cooking, sewing and decorating and general crafts.    On Monday mornings she attends a Bible study class at St Marks Lutheran Church.  Suzie attends 1st grade at Pinewood Elementary and her best friend, Julie lives directly across the street.  Johnny will start Preschool
next year at St Marks Lutheran Church 3 days a week.  The Swanson's have one dog and his name is buddy.   If your curious what happens tune in next month and see what this "Charming" family is up too!

My paper choice is October Afternoon's Modern Homemaker.  I have 2 lifetimes worth of stuff.  While I could have done without a paper purchase I couldn't resist this line by OA.  So I jumped at the opportunity and the rest I will just figure out as I go along.


  1. Awww - the Swansons would be the most perfect neighbors and they have an abolutely adorable house! I love your theme and how exciting....we get a little story every month. Isn't this FUN??? xoxo Nancy

  2. Oh--how sweet!! can't wait to hear about the Swanson's in the coming year!!

  3. I love, love that paper. I have a few pieces of it. I can't wait to see more tags about the Swansons!! this is going to be so much fun!

  4. Its like watching a black and white, criss cross apple sauce with my elbows on my knees in my mary janes or keds...I couldn't choose. Love it. Love it. Love it. I cannot wait till next month. You all are too creative for me. Got to love a good Lutheran upbringing. I'll bring cold dish if you'll bring the hot dish!

  5. Oh my gosh, how adorable. I will be staying tuned to see the next episode of the Swansons! I just love this.

  6. Hi Valerie~
    I laughed so hard when I read about the Swanson's (I can hear that voice!!). I will be visiting here often for updates on what they're usp to. Too, too clever!! Yeah, we Lutherans and our hot dishes and it!!
    Thanks for the great chuckle today...and I love you tag!