Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Out of Sorts.

That's how I kind of feel today.  I've got a pain in my shoulder.  My checkbook is sad and rather pathetic looking.  And a conflict with another that has been brewing for some time now.  I left home knowing that I was going to stay late at work tonight on some OverTime, but by the time we get out of rollcall  at 0645 we are in need of filling a PSD (public safety dispatcher) position from 4pm-9pm.  The pool to choose from is not that large.  Think of it like the checkbook thing.............always robbing Peter to pay Paul!

Now,  I do NOT like when I feel this way.  Not ever!  So the only immediate thing to do is PRAY and list 10 things that I am grateful for............

1.  My Kids
2.  Having a good paying Job with benefits
3.  A home
4.  My friends
5.  A very mellow good natured Husband.
6.  Medical Insurance
7.  A totally cool Dentist
8.  Having the love for "Vintage"
9.  Loving GOD
10.  My Health

You see when you look at life after creating a list such as this.  You get to put things into perspective and realize that other stuff is just peanuts compared to what really matters.

On a way lighter note.   My daughter is going  Pointe at the end of this month.  I am so very proud of that one.   She excels at everything she does.  (She is a "Messy Marvin" though).

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  1. Valerie! This I am going to remember when I am feeling overwhelmed! I do have so many things to be grateful for as well. Congratulations on your Messy Marvin on point. My own Twirly Swirly Girl is a MM as well! Must go hand and hand with dancers! Popping by to let you know McLinky will be available on Sunday on my blog to link your blog with your January Happy Homemaker tag. I have a post now outlining what I hope will be apart of your posting. Be sure an photograph your supplies and share anything about your theme and paper choices that would be of interest. I am so looking forward to all the different styles of paper art. My hope is the opportunity to meet new friends and enrich our own creative journeys. Happy New Year to you! Elizabeth