Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday is my Friday

Oh At last!

We have an odd schedule here at the RCECC (Ramsey County Emergency Communications Center).  I work a Rotation of 5 days on and 3 days off for 4 weeks, then a schedule of 4 days on  and 4 days off for 3 weeks.  In the center we call it .............on my 5's or on my 4's.  We work 10 hour shifts and mine happens to be days (0630-1630).

This week has been a long one because of overtime and snow.  When it snows it isn't just getting to and from work but it is dealing with all the emergencies during the shift due to snow also.  But for the most part, like usual clockwork 75% of our calls are from people with little or NO common sense.

Normally I would have something planned for a Saturday night.  But not this one.  I reserved 2 movies (Social Network & Night and Day) and dinner is going to be something along the way home this afternoon.  I'll do the grocery shopping, cleaning and crafts tomorrow on my off day. And yet again more snow is forecasted for Sunday Afternoon.

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend.

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