Saturday, June 11, 2011

Has it really been this long???????

Well I do declare!   I must have forgotten all about this little piece of my world.  I've had sooo many things going on.  I'm going to try and highlight the key ingredients. 

Madison and Dancing.  We've completed all competition weekends.  We've had our Gala Show/Recital.  And completed all regular dance lessons/ballet for this year.  However, we are NOT done, yet!  We have one night of rehearsals this up and coming week for Dance Comp Nationals in 2 weeks.  Summer dance then kicks off on July 12th which will be 2 nights a week.  Then Dance camp the first week of August.  NO dance tuition this month.....YEAH!  But I think I will be smart and buy dance shoes this month with that extra money! 

Madison and School.  Madison has completed 6th grade with a Big Bang.  All A's.   She sure is one smart cookie!  She is looking forward to 7th grade and the Jr High experience this fall. 

Madison and I are heading to ValleyFair at the end of this month to experience RollerCoaster Fever.  It will be a good time and I'm not saying that because I will be on Vacation.

Madison and I went to Minneapolis last week to visit stages theater and their "For Women Only" show.  It was very enjoyable and humorous.

Mitchell and Sports.  Most recent is baseball.   I was a little dissapointed in his Baseball program this year.  It was done very "shotty".   He is way better than how this league was conducted by the administration and coaches.  GET IT TOGETHER PEOPLE!   On a way lighter note..............Soon football season will be upon us and all will be well in the world again!

Mitchell and School. ***  Proud Mother Alert! ***   Best Report Card ever!   1-A 1-B 5-C's and one lonely D.  D was in Science.  If you people only knew how many battles were fought over the last 3 -4 years you would share in my excitement!  :)

Mitchell and Rick are up north fishing right now with our good friend Steve (also bestman in our wedding).  They will be returning tomorrow.

Mitchell and I are redoing his bedroom.  And I do hope to get started on this next week.  Please pray for me.  He said he would like a Snowboarding/Hunting/Football theme.  Ummm Yeah.......How about NO!

Aunt Carla was in town the last 2 1/2 weeks.  I drove down to Southern Minnesota and spent a night before bringing her home (we call us up here in the Twin Cities-HOME).  We had a blast visiting the Calico Hutch Quilitng Company.  OMG.  I am in love.  I bought a pumpkin penny rug kit and will be posting pictures of all the crafts I've done over the last month.  I've made a quilt table covering and a Vintage Fabric table runner.  All because CarCar gave my Brother Sewing Machine some much needed TLC.  It's AWESOME!

Crazy Aunts went to Las Vegas and I picked them up from the airport on Thurs 5/26.  That happened to be the same day I had my Copic Cerification Class with the UBER awesome Debbie Olson and Lori Craig.  I really did learn alot.  I have a new understanding for the product and hope to put it to use in the next couple of weeks.  Crazy Aunts brought home presents for all of us...Awww aint that sweet.  I love presents.  Any kind, really!  Doesn't matter.  Big. Small.  I love 'em all!

I've got several things coming up.  Camping, Boating, weddings, Grad parties, Celebrations, sporting events, a lodge in the brainerd area, a trip to CarCar's.  Every weekend has got something for the next 3 months.  I hope I dont loose my sanity or time to relax and enjoy my Crafts.

Book Club news  The Help by Kathryn Sockett......CarCar is almost done.  JoMama is underway and GooGirl is 1/3 of the way.  Me...I haven't even read the first page.  Maybe tomorrow morning.

Saturday is my Friday.  This has been a long week.

Tonight.  Bethy and Sam are coming over after I get done with work.  Beth and I are taking the girls up to Hugo Good Neighbor Days.  Davey Wavy from the Navy might meet up with us later.  I dont know if it will be a couple of hour thing or an all night event.  Either way I'm really looking forward to a fun filled evening.

Tomorrow Sunday June 12th.  Dirty Dispatchers get together @ the Blue Heron.  We've got music, cocktails and plenty of laughs.  Really really looking forward to this.  I've got the perfect outfit.

My off days this week consist of Dentist, Orthodontist, Uniform Shop and a Meeting.   BLAH BLAH BLAH!

To my Margie's coming!

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  1. Thanks for the update Val... Miss you SOOOO Much it hurts... Lets get the bytches together soon.. Cocktails and catching up are in order! Until then... Love, Kisses and Big Snuggly Hugs! ~Me