Saturday, October 13, 2012

It's Saturday and I'm working

Once again it's Saturday and I find myself here at work.  Saturdays are really easy though (knock on wood).  I'm here until 7pm tonight.

The boys (Rick and Mitchell) are out of town this weekend in Ortonville MN.  Pheasant hunting opener today.

Madison is supposed to be cleaning her room.

Minnesota Gopher Homecoming today,  would have been nice to watch but we are unable to get that channel at work.

Zombie Pub Crawl in St Paul starting at 2pm.  Should not affect my work before I'm through with this shift.

Tomorrow I am going with Aunt JoAnn to Nellie's Barn sale in Hastings and then we are planning on visiting one of the Antique Malls that one of my coworkers raves about.

link to Nellie's Barn Sale 

click it !   The pictures are devine!

Veronica (my web designer-go to gal) will be updating this Blog just a smidgen and blinging me out a little.

Ordered up some really really cute items from my gal Bethy Boo for an upcoming Girls Weekend.  I will post pictures when I receive them.

I had my first Card Club with a new group of gals this past Wednesday.   Ahhhhhhhhh be still my heart.  A great group of Ladies.   Very talented.   So excited I decided to join.   Here is the short version of the story. While I was representing  Our Daily Bread Designs Stamps at a Stamp and Scrap Expo at the State Fair a couple of weeks ago I met Judy and Linda who you could tell they were just FUN FUN FUN.  We got to talking and they said....."Hey, you should join our card club!"  Being that I haven't been involved in a card club for the last 5 years I went home and thought about time and commitment and decided it was a Very Good Thing to be asked and to participate in.  A couple of days later I sent Linda an email and said that I very much welcomed the opportunity to join in their group.

That's all Folks!!


  1. Hi Valerie,
    Thanks so much for visiting and following my blog. Of course I had to come over and meet you, and here I am! I am your newest follower. It's so nice to meet you!!

  2. Hi Valerie,
    Came by to follow your blog. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas, and a blessed New Year.