Monday, April 11, 2011

Oh my! It has been a few weeks

To all of my loyal "Margie Swanson" Happy Homemaker fans.  Please be patient,  I promise I will be getting it posted real soon.      Thursday night I have a date with my desk to complete the "Margie" tupperware party project. Check back and laugh along.

** The currator of Happy Homemaker Tag Along Swap is no longer able to continue. There are ladies that would like to continue posting their monthly tags.  I am still undecided if I will continue posting on that Blog. I will however continue with Margie Swanson and a year in her Vintage life on my Blog.

Over the weekend I did a Stamp A Stack with a group of "Virgin" stampers (I didn't even realize that they exsisted, but they do!).  It was probably the smoothest beginner group I had ever had.  There was just a small minute adhesive abuser in the bunch (Brynna)  I did turn the other cheek but only because she is sooo darn cute.  They all did an awesome job.  We did 3 each of 7 designs.   Of course my assistant, MISS Maddy Jo,  aka my personal photographer,  did not get all the pictures I would have liked but we will have to make due with what I have.  So here are a couple of the card designs...................

Here they are hard at work.......




My apologies to Samantha.  I did not have a picture of you.  Next time!

Again I must say that these gals were AWESOME!  I'll up the game for the Fall!

I need to quickly put a little something about Madison's  Dance Competition season currently in full swing.  We've competed in 2 so far and have another one this up coming weekend @ the Minneapolis Convention Center.  We are not allowed to take pictures during the program so the best I could do was at the end while they were waiting for the judges to tally all the scores and while they were handing out awards.

I will take a picture of Madison in her costumes this weekend. 

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