Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm getting lots of Stuff done today.............

Well it must be my "nesting" instincts prior to Vacation, because I really cant think of another reason I would be so on top of things on a Snowy Monday Morning.

I have created a 2 page Calendar of events, phone numbers, teenager expectations, where I will be and so on...................sent it in a Word document to all parties involved while we are out of the Country enjoying Sun, Surf and Margarita's.

We had another wholloping in the snow category again.   Geez!!! Cozumel is looking good to me.

On another note..............The Pioneer Woman (Whom I love) is having a give away on her blog leave a comment as to what is your favorite dessert.  You could get lucky and win this.  

Isn't it beautiful?
I just love the brightness of it all!

And as if that wasn't enough she has a brand new book out.  You can get a copy at my fav....Barnes and Noble.

Everyone enjoy your day!!

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